My Happy Place…

My happy place involves water.

Settle in by the ocean with a good book and an umbrella for shade and I am ecstatic.

I am amazed that I did not insist on giving birth in water…I pushed hard for it, but my doctor was vehemently opposed and naturally I was risk adverse.

The past month I have been to the beach on a regular basis and I do feel more at peace, delighted to be out in the open without fear of Covid.

Water lends itself to reading a plethora of books…I just cannot focus at home, but the beach is my sweet spot.

I also find peace when my sports teams win, when I am hanging with my daughter or watching a great Broadway play if memory serves me correctly, along with viewing a fabulous art exhibit or having an amazing dining experience, but the sound of the ocean never ever disappoints.

I have never experienced a bad beach day.

Think about your happy place (share if you can) and treat yourself to a positive, emotionally fulfilling staycation that’s all about you.

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