My Girls…

October signifies changing seasons, the end of Daylight Savings Time, the World Series and Halloween.

For me it’s Mammogram Month.

The girls made their way to midtown yesterday.

Columbia Doctors is an awesome place for having to endure stressful situations.

The staff is a constant year after year, the robes are Frette, the women who plate the girls annually are charming, upbeat, supportive and gentle.

The only bitter pill is sitting in the intimate holding pen with several other stressed out, non-communicative women waiting for the verdict to be handed down.

The positive side is there are multiple radiologists on staff who read your test results immediately so you never have to endure anxiety ridden days awaiting the outcome.

Thankfully, I was called out of the room and greeted with a satisfied grin.

My husband made the annual pilgrimage.

He has no choice as he is my lucky charm.

The Girls partied after receiving a clean bill of health.

Since it was 9:30am the celebration consisted of scrambled eggs and a dry cappuccino…it went down easily.

Ladies, make sure to schedule your annual mammogram….you can run, but never hide from this reality.

Support the girls, now!!

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