My Blue Heaven…

I don’t know if the bar for entertainment is low in Coronaville, but I am groovin’ on the Democratic National Convention.

Maybe it is the sense of hope during these bleak times or Springsteen’s song, The Rising weaving its way through compassionate democracy, Leon Bridges crooning on a rooftop or Michelle Obama bringing it like no other.

I am enjoying seeing fellow Americans who are literate without beer bellies and the display of visual panty lines emphasizing the unnatural fit of their polyester shorts and stupid red hats.

I savored the Roll Call, virtually and vicariously traveling across America since right now I ain’t going nowhere.

I even thought Bernie was babalicious, saying all the right things and being a modulated team player.

John Kerry got me going, burying Trump 6 feet under, Caroline Kennedy made me nostalgic and Bill Clinton made sense.

Dr. Jill, who is so relatable, invited us into her home and heart providing empathy, love and optimism.

Tonight, I will have my popcorn popped awaiting Kamala’s political cotillion.

I must admit I am feeling Emphatically Blue and hopeful.

*photo:CBS News

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