Muy Maaavelous CDMX…


My mind is blown.

Porrua Bookstore

The self-imposed dictator of America has labeled Mexicans uneducated, murderers and rapists (BTW, there are a plethora of bookstores in Mexico City).

I just spent five unbelievable days in Mexico City and was bowled over by how interesting and generous of spirit the Mexicans are.

We took a dozen Ubers and every driver was overly accommodating even with a language barrier.

I wish Uber and Lyft drivers in this country were as nice and what a bargain.

We ate at some of the best restaurants I have ever dined at and the cost is such a deal…I’m surprised there isn’t a surcharge for The Wall.

The cultural sites are compelling and the museums impressive.

Apartment in Condesa

Our Airbnb was very cool.

I could live in that modern, minimal penthouse space, located in Condesa, an area analagous to NYC’s SoHo neighborhood.

Catedral Metropolitana

We explored the Zocalo or Centro Historico, visiting the heavenly, gold laden Catedral Metropolitana.

Breakfast at El Major, overlooking the Temple Mejor

We ate a fabulous breakfast overlooking the Temple Major.


Diego Rivera murals at Palacio Nacional and additional murals by Rivera and David Alfara Siqueiros in the elegant Bellas Artes are outstanding.

Palacio Postal

We took in the splendor of Palacio Postal, the central post office and explored the downtown parks.

Bosque de Chapultepec

Chapultepec Park, Mexico City’s Central Park, is a sprawling, majestic outdoor arena.

Castillo Chapultepec
Interior of Castillo Chapultepec

The legendary Castillo de Chapultepec was  impressive.

Sumaya Museum

Loved the design of the Sumaya Museum, built in honor of billionaire Carlos Slim’s wife, located in Polanco, the Beverly Hills of CDMX.

Slim is Mexico’s wealthiest person, worth in excess of 65 billion dollars.

The lobby showcases a Pieta and Rodin sculptures.

A perfect birthday gift for my daughter, I attempted to stalk Slim’s male offspring, but ran out of time.

Casa Azul, Frida Kahlo Museum

Museo Frida Kahlo, also known as Casa Azul, was a lovely adventure.

Frida Kahlo Museum Backyard

Art by both Kahlo and her husband, Diego Rivera, are on display. The grounds are a peaceful sanctuary.

Xochimilco Floating Gardens

We had a wet and wild adventure floating on canals at the UNESCO World Heritage site, Xochimilco Floating Gardens.

The busy waterway is laden with people preparing local cuisine, boats filled with mariachi bands and tourists and locals having food and alcohol orgies.

Teotihuacan Ruins

We also took on Teotihuacan, one of the largest archeological sites in the world, climbing to the top of the Pryamid of the Moon while breathlessly singing, Climb Every Mountain.

We even found time for retail therapy in an exquisite shop in Roma Norte, another trendy area.

Burrata, Sud 777

Meals at Azul, Sud 777, Rosetta, Fonda Garufa and Amaya were sensational.


My wish is that Mexican food was as delicate and delicious in America.

Mercado Roma

The food markets are well known, but a bit too earthy for my taste as I preferred the sophistication of the Mercado Roma.

What a sublime experience.

Hasta luego…I shall return before Mexico pays for the damn wall.

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