Multiplication Tables…

Yesterday, while whiling away the hours on our power walk on the beach, we started calculating my annual mileage.

Let me set up the simplistic calculation.

Even I can problem solve this equation despite the fact that I did not receive Ivy League elite scores on the math portion of my SATs because my parents did not know to have the answers changed after submission.

If I intentionally walk as a strategic form of exercise 330 days per year, generously allowing 35 days off for leg relief and said athlete walks an average of  4 miles per day, how far do I walk in one calendar year?

330×4=1320 miles annually which can be compared to walking almost 1/2 way across America which from Los Angeles to New York City is approximately 2,761.4 miles.

Since I had nothing, but time on my hands on Sunday and had just walked down Tesmescal Canyon to avoid the $25 beach parking fee, we calculated the amount of money we have saved by not using parking garages and valet services.

Conservatively speaking, the average valet over the past several decades averages out to $10 (the increase in the last year is huge).

If you multiple the valet, museum, theatre, movie, beach and errand parking fees and multiply that times 50 weeks (a random $20 per week for parking expenses multipled by 50 weeks) equals $1000 per year.

The equation of  $1000 x 40 years = $40,000.

Add the magic of compound interest and I should be lounging in my private piece of paradise not walking on the concrete bike path in Santa Monica.

Just some mathletics to chew on and digest.

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