Ms. Madison Avenue…

mad smile

Heading to the supposed polar vortex tomorrow.

The hardest part is puppy separation.

mad down

Madison is my sunshine. No demands, back talk or expectations…well some. I need to love, feed, walk and groom.

It is all a labor of love…Madison is the sweetest, most adorable dog and it is pure pleasure to keep her in the style she is accustomed to.

I  really want to take her with me to New York, but locking her in a cage for six hours and handing over control to a complete stranger is too much for me to handle.

Madison loves unconditionally, except the contractor which further endorses her intelligence and good taste.

mad and berk

It has been a rough go for her the past month as she is mourning Berkeley, our dearly departed, beloved 14 year-old Australian Sheperd mix who was the alpha dog.

berk giant

Madison has been withdrawn of late and has exhibited unusual outdoor behavior. She will just plant herself and not move. She shakes off her collar and is unyielding.

mad stick

Last week she had a doctor’s appointment and I mentioned her newly adopted ‘tude. Dr. Kirby was not surprised. Apparently, many dogs act out this way when in mourning, further proving how human our best friends are.

mad toy sleep

When Madison became a part of our lives she was named Haley. It did not resonate. We tried to come up with an appropriate sports name. Tight end Jeremy Shockey was our favorite NY Giant at the time, but Shockey was not a very feminine moniker and Madison is all girl.

mad duck2

Food related names like Gobo, Uni, Martini and Gluten-Free did not roll off the tongue. Then my daughter, who is a devoted and devout retail therapist, tossed Ms. Madison Avenue into the mix…we were contemplating a move from San Francisco to Manhattan. The name stuck.

Maybe that’s why I always find myself constantly drawn to Madison Avenue.

Happy Trails, my darling doggie…until we are reunited and it feels so good.

mad berk beach

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  1. Madison always has a lovely smile despite her suffering.

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