Movin’ On Up…


I am in the throws of moving.

I just realized that moving is like bulimia. You binge on “stuff” and then you move and purge.

Right now, if I could regurgitate everything I have ever purchased I would feel cleansed and free.

I would like to move into our new home with only a roll on…just the way I travel these days. Only the bare minimum.

We are in the midst of renovating. The place was built in 2006, but the builder must have hired a designer with a very limited, uncreative color palette…beige, poop brown and mellow yellow.

So out with the old and in with a brand new shiny kitchen, bathrooms, barn siding wood flooring, down with dividers and up with spiffy new fireplace fronts.

Of course, I sold everything I had purchased for the rental. I now am down to TV’s and beds. Let us not forget the clothes, shoes and accessories.

But, guess what? I have to go out and buy all new furniture. Binge and purge all over again.

I have to leave the state to have the bathrooms renovated. It is a good thing I can retreat to NYC for demolition.

Everything is delayed and costs a minimum of double what the budget was set at.

We opened up the kitchen and by a 1/2 inch differential which places us in the custom refrigerator category, we are now spending an additional $1,000. Whtat a pity as you cannot wear a refrigerator out.


Today is move day with ABC Movers…let’s hope it is as easy as A, B, C.

Our daughter was going to help us, but she is exhausted from pitching and selling television shows, attending the Emmys and all the mandatory parties so the people who gave her life and a college education will play house couple and schlep while she lounges on the beach in Mexico…I told you she was a great agent. She can sell anyone on anything.

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