Mother’s Day Bliss…

My family did a fabulous job of keeping me busy on my first Mother’s Day without Queen E.

Breakfast in bed and then I was ripped from my bed and commanded to dress for a road trip.

On the road by 8:30am heading to Santa Barbara and the Bacara resort.

The drive by the ocean was lovely and May Grey turned into May Magic.

We arrived and found our spot at the pool overlooking the ocean.

Spa Entrance

A 90 minute deep tissue massage was on the books and I made it up the hill to the spa with my bum knee.

It was one of the best massages ever and then they pampered this proud mama with champagne and truffles.

We spent the next 3 hours reading by the ocean and dining al fresco.

My daughter had booked dinner at a new restaurant so we headed back to LA in heavy traffic.

Draycott Restaurant

Quick turnaround and we were on the move to dinner at Draycott.

I never stopped thinking about Queen E. but my family made this Mother’s Day loving and special.

I am one lucky woman.

Hope you enjoyed yours, Queen E.  pirouetting about in a lavender tutu and then settling in with Boston Chinese, eating forbidden pork ends and lobster Cantonese with dad, the Empress Syd, Daddy Joe, Evelyn, Elaine, Charlotte, Rayme, Mollie, Edna, Gaby, Walter, Anita, Janet and Eth…love you all to the moon and back.


  1. Lovely

  2. Anna Holbrook says:

    Just THE best. Now that’s some love.
    I shall have to cut an paste this to my own children . . . hint, hint kids . . . this is what ya’ll DO on MOTHER’S DAY!!!!! 😉
    So happy you were so thought after:)))

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