Mother/Daughter Time…


Mother/Daughter Pedicures
Mother/Daughter Pedicures

Nothing beats Mother/Daughter Time.

Saturday, Courtny and I spent quality time together.

What’s better than being with someone where the comfort level is off the charts and decisions on what to do just flow.

We started the day at Spin class. The instructor drove us crazy…he never shut up and worked the room like a Catskill comedian. It was so nice to have someone to complain to. It was a nerd spin and we had to work extra hard to drown him out. Thankfully, the music was good.

Next activity. We contributed to the economy with a little retail therapy. We are each other’s best critic so you know you will hear an honest opinion…I love salespeople who enthusiastically announce that everything looks good on you and you know they are lying their ass off.

Weary, we needed sustenance and headed for lunch, deciding to split the fajita without peppers, dining outside on a picture perfect southern California day while our NY friends are dealing with yet another snowstorm.

Fortified, we headed to the Palisades and took on manicures and pedicures, united, side by side to enhance our appearance. We laughed, mocked and reached need heights of relaxation as we both indulged in back massages.

We then headed to the Dry Bar to further beautification.

Now that’s the way to engage with friends and family…you can’t beat time with your daughter as long as the umbilical chord never strangles either one of you.




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    Great last line!

  2. Paula Lopez says:

    And first line!

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