Mommy Dearest…


I just bid my mom adieu until the holidays.

Taking Metro North back to NYC afforded me some quiet time to reflect. I have never been without my mother.

Honestly, I cannot imagine not speaking to her every morning and every night.

It has been a lifelong ritual. The circle of life is upon us. She took care of me for years and now it is my turn to guide her safely and gently through her golden years which my mom claims, “suck.”

Does she drive me crazy? Absolutely, but that is her job as a mother. I think I am a fabulous mother to my daughter yet she has surprisingly informed me that I drive her crazy. Admittedy, I was shocked, but I am sure it was her reality…brief, non-repetitive, but her reality.

Mommy Dearest’s routine continues unchanged for decades. Thursday is beauty day. The hairdresser is a weekly occurrence.

She continues to party down with the canasta “girls” every Monday when she is residing in Connecticut…a more than 50 year time honored tradition. They are smart, stylish, worldly women who are members of the Nifty at Ninety club.

Canasta Girls Elain and Eunice
Canasta Girls Betty, Elaine R, Elaine T and Eunice

My mom is furiously protective of her independence. She still drives, is a compulsive errand runner, huge New York Giants fan and slaves over a hot Chambers stove, stocking up on all my childhood favorites to assure that I do not starve when I reside in New York City.

She is crazy for the color purple, a former ballet dancer and still a devoted follower.

She devours the NY Times daily, loves The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The CBS Sunday morning shows and would sell her firstborn for a good piece of chocolate.

We indulge in Ad Libs on a regular basis. She provides the sentence and I fill in the blanks, usually the monikers.

My Mom's Gober Replica
My Mom’s Gober Replica

Her endless lists are infamous. She has a memory like an elephant. She is a talented papier mache artist. She can make any dining table look like a state dinner at The White House.

Robert Gober Sculpture at MoMa
Robert Gober Sculpture at MoMa

Her generosity to others knows no limits, especially her granddaughter who appears to raking in the family jewels…I have been bypassed.

Her latest promise to me is to eliminate the word NO from her vocabulary…I hope I live that long.

florisa mom

Mom, you are an amazing lady. Keep on keepin’ on and make sure you are forever available for early morning check in. I don’t know what I would do if you didn’t pick up.


  1. Terrific.

  2. The Nifty at Ninety Club looks like a lot of fun!!

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