Monumental Aggravation…

I have been stonewalled for over a year.

A monument company in my parents hometown took months to organize and inscribe Queen E’s memorial stone.

Displaying the grammatical aptitude of a first grader they misspelled a word, set it in stone and were incapable of proofing one damn sentence…I did not compose a lengthy eulogy, it was a 14 word inscription.

I was in quarantine in California and could not physically oversee the project.

A family friend visited the graveside after our virtual unveiling and sent me a photo of the headstone with the glaring misspelling…no cemetery autocorrect available.

Can you believe that they were aware of the error and never told me.

I called when I saw living proof and they admitted to burying the mistake.

A 6 month battle to the death ensued with every fricking day beginning with addressing the spelling bee.

The screw up almost put me in my grave over the frustration of never moving forward with honoring Queen E.

Six agonizing months later after the spelling bee debacle, on the eve of Rosh Hashanah, I was finally vindicated.

The memorial stone was removed from the     graveyard holding pen for wayward monuments  and resurrected at my parents final resting place.

My daughter drove to Connecticut to verify that the marker had been returned because the owner uses alternate facts instead of dealing in reality.

The lack of professionalism and compassion from a business that deals in the service of bereavement was astounding.

I had to call my husband in off the bench as my back up quarterback because the owner displayed all the classic earmarks of a sexist bully.

I ultimately had FaceTime with Queen E. and Morris.

The family professed undying love and we promised them a NY Giants victory in honor of the Family Stone being resurrected…some lies are taken to the grave.

Finally, I can officially put my mother to rest beside my father in an honorable manner.

Her epitaph is secured and perfection achieved.

Reunited…rest In peace you wild and crazy couple…you are dearly missed.

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  1. glad all is now well and they are peacefully together! love them both……

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