Mixing Metaphors…

Retail Therapy Thursday. I like shopping when it is stress free and I am not looking for any item in particular. I also love to mix metaphors and combine basics with exceptional accessories. Nowadays, I focus more on shoes, bags, jewelry, hats and do not spend a fortune on clothing. You can find great basic pieces at Nordstrom’s, Bloomingdales, H&M, Top Shop (although it is skewed younger, tighter and shorter), Gap, J. Crew, Joe Fresh (new Canadian company that is invading the U.S.) and Zara.

I recently purchased a fabulous necklace at Zara for $30. Every time I adorn my still relatively unwrinkled neck with it, someone comments.

A steal from Zara at $30
A steal from Zara at $30

Shoes-I love my Christian Louboutin’s, but they are ridiculously expensive. I discovered a great shoe company that has very comfortable flats and you can go online or visit the Stubbs and Wootton stores in NYC on Madison Avenue and Palm Beach, Florida and custom design a pair for the same price as readymade. It does take a few months to receive as they custom make them in Spain. They run about $400, not too crazy considering the price of shoes today. The NYC store has a wonderful staff, led by Justin. Check out the whimsical styles such as, the Screw U slipper.

Blue linen Stubbs and Wootton, custom designed by Toby
Blue linen Stubbs and Wootton, custom designed by Toby

Bags-I save up for my bags. I love designer bags. You can find some beauties for under $1000, but it is rare. Alexander Wang makes a divine bag at that price point.

My prized Chanel...this goes in the will
My prized Chanel…this goes in the will

I would like to give a shout out to a fabulous woman, mother and jewelry designer, Sara Reichert. Check out her website: One Oak by Sara. One Oak is handcrafted jewelry, incorporating authentic material from around the world. Sara also contributes a portion of every sale to For The Planet, an environmental organization. She is a beautiful, kind and creative designer. Her jewelry has been spotted on many celebrities and featured in, In Style. I adore her rings and vintage looking necklaces.

The family collection of Sara's one-of-a-kind creations
The family collection of Sara’s one-of-a-kind creations

Another amazing woman and friend, Nava Nabavi, held a jewelry party for Sara’s adornments at Sechoir, her elegant hybrid hair salon and blowout bar on trendy Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, California. Nava is a dynamo and has created a beautiful oasis to be pampered in. Sara’s designs sold like hotcakes and even men bought her divine signature rings as they are androgynous. By the way, if you need a fab blowout go to Sechoir. They treat you like royalty, serving champagne, nibbles and sweets. Molly Johnstone is the bomb when it comes to color and cut. Seriously, she is as talented as any high priced Bev Hills colorist/stylist. Get blown and styled at Sechoir and Shop One Oak now!

Today is as good as any day to indulge in a little retail therapy…you go, girls!!


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