Mistress Dispeller…


I am a confrontational woman.

I do not think I would function well in China.

Apparently, married Chinese women who are being cheated on are reluctant to confront their husbands.

Instead, they are employing mistress dispellers.

Hired by a scorned wife, dispellers coach women on how to save their marriages, while manipulating the unaware mistress to disappear.

For a fee that that runs higher than a new Beemer, the dispellers will subtly infiltrate the mistress’s life, befriending her, earning her trust, in an attempt to break up the affair.

They also counsel the jilted wife on how to appear more attractive…sexier and more appealing to her sexist beast, I mean her husband.

The services have emerged as China’s economy has opened up in recent decades and as extramarital affairs have blossomed.
Half the fee is paid up front. If the dispeller succeeds then the balance is paid. If the harlot does not disappear than the scorned wife’s balance is erased.
This is not compassionate charity…the services have a 90% success rate.
The team determines what the home wreckers motives are…love, sex, money and then they formulate a plan.
The counselor/dispeller might become a neighbor, join her gym, accidentally on purpose engage the would be mistress with the ultimate goal of turning her against her lover.
Sometimes, the counselor finds her a new lover or a job in another city.
Interesting employment opportunities.
The husband rarely finds out that he has been dupped. Men are that dumb.
The deed takes about 3 months.
Why not just divorce the bastard?
Divorce for women in China is costly. Usually property and finances are registered in the husband’s name.
That sucks so better to evaluate other options.
One of the leading companies said that last year it serviced 10,000 clients, up from 8,000 the year before.
This may be a business opportunity for me.
I can be very persuasive and it would be fun to assume another identity and infiltrate the enemy…sounds like a Jason Bourne escapade.

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