Mistaken Identity…

A $131,000 reward is being offered to anyone who can identify the man who threatened Stormy Daniels in a parking lot in Las Vegas in 2011.

Love the amount…$1000 more than Stormy received from “The Fixer” to keep her affair with Agent Orange a covert mission.

People are having a good laugh saying the privately contracted sketch artist’s drawing of the unidentified man looks a lot like Jon Bon Jovi, Tom Brady, Mark Consuelos, David Charvet, among others.

If he was a thuggish looking ethic type the public would buy into the artist’s rendering of Stormy’s description.

There is just no balance in this country.

Why would Stormy’s adept lawyer, Michael Avenatti, jeopardize the case against Trump by making a mockery of the situation.

I think Michael “The Fixer” Cohen had a fleeting moment of clarity when he sent a messenger who did not fit the profile of a threatening thug.


It will be interesting to see if Mr. T. is captured.

I actually see Mark Consuelos and Jon Bon Jovi in the ‘hood.

I will have to ask them about their whereabouts in 2011.

I could use an extra $131,000.

In the interim, I think Stormy is the most believable of all the characters involved in this wild scenario.

Seriously, who are you going to believe…Agent Orange, The Fixer, Trumpster’s bitch Sean Hannity or Stormy?

I rest my case.

If you happen to run into the unidentified culprit, please contact IDthethug@gmail.com.

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  1. Stormy is lying about one guy; it was all four of those guys: Jon Bon Jovi, Tom Brady, Mark Consuelos, David Charvet.
    If I were you, I’d cash in on ’em!

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