Mission Accomplished…

Time to celebrate

I have been cleared.

I am ready for takeoff after a lengthy delay.

My most excellent surgeon gave me the great news. I am whole again and can resume almost all regular programming.

He was duly impressed with my progress.

While doing a 3 mile walk yesterday I had an epiphany …I am pain free.

I am still restricted from major hikes or tennis, but I am back on the Peloton.

Just awaiting sleep and left sock mobility.

Mission Accomplished.


  1. Congratulations😊

  2. Cathy Newman says:

    That is fantastic news!! Especially the pain free part! Hallelujah! 💜💜💜

  3. am glad….you did well and will continue to do so! Crazy right….not to have either sharp or nagging pain anymore..my doc said to me as I waltzed out of the office ” I do not recommend jumping” so I don’t!!!!!!

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