Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…


Take a good look.

I’m an orphan now.

No sympathy.

Not a surprise.

When middle age plus arrives you are confronted with reality.

I have to declare myself very fortunate to have had my parents an integral part of my life for so long.

With the exit stage left of Queen E. I am preoccupied with what my ultimate fate will be.

I worry about those near and dear.

Madison, our sweet, lovely Lab, just turned 13. I am constantly on red alert for signs of deterioration.

Instead of worrying about my mom being on the other end of the phone call every morning at 6am, I wake in the middle of the night to see if David is breathing or in most cases, snoring.

Courtny has marching orders to text after Lyft rides, nighttime subway trips or just to check in to let me know she is alright.

Your children are never too old Not to worry about their well being.

Jeez, the past 2 months have made me maudlin.

I realize now that cumulatively, I have less days to look forward to….the majority are in my rear view mirror, but you do look thinner in that reflection.

I better think about leaving my mark…for animals it’s an every day occurrence…humans not so much.

Right now I spend time placing small bets on democratic hopefuls in Nevada, Texas, North Dakota and Missouri.

My luck appears to have run out with the NY Giants or my attempts to thwart an alleged sexual assaulter and judicial imbiber from becoming a Supreme Court Justice.

In the short run, the NY Yankees are a decent bet and a riveting distraction.

I do have my health in addition to fine lines and some unsolicited age spots.

Sunday Night Darkness…Monday will dawn bright and this will be a distant memory.

Is everyone is still breathing?!

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  1. Got to keep looking at the bright side…it is there,but life does take a turn. I do agree.

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