Mind Your Manners, Boys…

Another one bites the dust.

How guilty must Governor Andrew Cuomo be if he is giving up the power without a fight.

And, just like that, the great state of New York has its first female governor.

By all accounts Kathy Hochul is an experienced, very bright (she attended Syracuse University and was quite the activist so she has star qualities), capable woman  who also served in Congress for 2 years.

After the resignation of Republican Chris Lee who abruptly departed  the House after it was revealed that he had solicited a woman on Craigslist (isn’t it time to stop thinking with your penis), Hochul became the first Democrat to represent the district in 40 years.

Hochul was defeated for reelection to Congress in 2012 after the boundaries and demographics of her district were changed in the decennial reapportionment process…sound familiar?!

Hochul, who got her start in local Buffalo politics after earning a law degree, has been lieutenant governor since 2016. Her job is to represent the governor at functions around New York and lead initiatives and campaigns related to the state agenda.

I believe Hochul will be masterful  as Governor.

Two women may be holding the highest offices in New York.

New York Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins will likely take on the active duties of lieutenant governor.

On a personal note, having been sexually harassed in the workplace more times than I care to remember by the powerful and famous and not taking any of the transgressions lying down, my efforts were squashed even though I went straight to my bosses as well as the press.

It is so satisfying to see the system finally supporting the 11 women who in this instance, have been mistreated and denigrated and could have faced severe retribution and humiliation.

This nonsense of “lines have been redrawn” is a ridiculous comment by Cuomo whose defense appears to be mired in supposed ignorance and arrogance.

Hello Governor, are you familiar with the #MeToo movement?!

Now if male politicians and men in positions of power would keep their hands to themselves maybe we could move forward on equal footing and make this country groovy.

The times they are a changin’.

photo:NY Post


  1. ellie lupo says:

    they are a changing and for the better and about time!

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