Michael Moore, No Surrender…

The Terms of My Surrender Are Non-Negotiable

I am back in a New York State of Mind.

My intention was to go on and on about my amazing weekend, but Michael Moore happened.

I think I exited Moore’s Broadway show even more excited than when I witnessed the greatness of Hamilton.

What a man.

The Terms Of My Surrender is inspirational.

I thought I knew about the larger than life activist, but I was overwhelmed by his achievements and life experiences.

Moore’s Broadway show must be seen by everyone with a brain, a heart and the desire to see Agent Orange fade to black.

Anyway, allow me to digress and inspire you to experience NYC.

I took advantage of UNIGLO Free Friday at the Museum of Modern Art.

it was as if Gucci was giving away free handbags.

MoMA was so crowded that you couldn’t even get close to the artwork.


Starry Night was a total eclipse…there were so many tourists surrounding the iconic painting that you could not even see Van Gogh’s masterpiece.

Central Park

We took advantage of a spectacular Saturday and walked 6 miles in Central Park, taking in our favorite area, the Gardens between 104th and 110th street.

Central Park

We dropped off the doggies, changed and headed down to the redeveloped Kenmare Street between the Bowery and Elizabeth Street. It is teeming with new restaurants, hotels and high end condos.

We had a reservation at the trending De Maria restaurant, but we found it completely unappealing, chock full of bullshit ingredients, high prices and snotty service.

What is the deal with turmeric and who cares?!

We dodged and ended up in SoHo at Cherche Midi and enjoyed delicious salads.

We scoped out the new Ian Schrager, Public Hotel which is desperately “in” and like totally avoidable.

No one looks at you or smiles because they are so radically hip.

Ignorant would be a better description of twenty-somethings who wear wool beanies in 80 degree weather.

Public Hotel

No obvious lobby…the elevator banks being the most interesting element to the entrance.

We strolled up to Union Square and purchased tickets to the hot and happening, In & Of Itself, produced by Neil Patrick Harris.

We passed all the NYU students settling in, observed stoner activity in Washington Square Park and after 12 miles of walking, rested our tired feet at our daughter’s Village apartment.

Westfield World Trade Center Mall

Sunday dawned sunny and humidity free so we grabbed our bikes and headed to the Hudson River Bike Path, cruising to the Statue of Liberty and having coffee at the newly developed Westfield World Trade Center Mall with amazing views of the Hudson and Eli Manning’s Hoboken penthouse.

The Yankees won both weekend games. The NY Giants beat the NY Jets in an exhibition game so it Time to close the book on an exhilarating time.

The Terms Of My Surrender brought an extraordinary weekend to a triumphant close.

Michael Moore on Broadway in The Terms Of My Surrender Belasco Theatre 111 West 44th Street New York City. 2 hours no intermission. Runs through October 22nd, 2017.

*Photo: Walter McBride/Getty Images

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