Enough Is Enough

The time, thankfully, has arrived for full disclosure regarding sexual harassment in the workplace.

Strangely appropriate, the lyrics from Beauty and the Beast tell it all:

“Tale as old as time
True as it can be
Barely even friends…”

#MeToo is a too frequent cry from so many women in business.

I realistically assume that most women have experienced it.

My stories are long and varied, some violent.

Thankfully, I was never forced into actual sexual situations, but there were numerous set ups.

I admit to being savvy and fearless probably due to the fact that I have always had the mindset of an urban guerrilla despite growing up in idyllic Connecticut.

The fact is that sexual harassment It is rarely about the sex and all about the power.

Me Tarzan, you Jane.

Men have been pounding their chests forever.

And, to be absolutely honest, just look at the physical presence of the alleged  offenders recently in the spotlight.

James Toback, Harvey Weinstein, Chris Savino

Case in point. Harvey Weinstein, James Toback, Mark Halperin, Chris Savino, Roy Price, Terry Richardson.

Fashion Photographer Terry Richardson



Brains-assume so.

Physical Presence-deplorable.

Commentator Mark Halperin

FInally, women are joining hands and backing each other up.

In my experience, the key is to have a true sisterhood…working together and foregoing jealousy and back stabbing.

I sincerely hope that moving forward, women will speak out without fear of repercussions, never accept that this is only way to get ahead.

Men will keep their hands by their sides, their dick in their pants, respecting women for their talent and mind and not making their bodies part of the equation.



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