March In Manhattan or LA?!…


I am always on New York’s side, but after spending Sunday in LA, I need to throw a bone to LaLaLand.

We walked to the local farmer’s market under a clear, blue sky, temperature hovering around 60, enjoyed fresh strawberry samples alongside rockers and Hilary Swank, purchased fresh flowers that were grown locally along with wild salmon and fresh eggs.

Breakfast on Santa Monica Beach

We headed home with our treasure trove and then power walked to Santa Monica on the beach path, stopping for a fresh herb omelette dining outside in the month of March.

Homeward bound and jumped into the car, put the top down with sights set on Century City shopping center where everyone was lounging in the chic hammocks and chairs, consuming ice cream, sipping paper straws set in their cold brew coffee and gathering around to hear Dennis Rodman pontificate about his life in the midst of a public forum.

On the way home we stopped on Montana Avenue and sat outside at Sweet Lady Jane, enjoying a cappuccino and delectable fresh fruit infused slice of cake.

I made dinner that night with all the fresh ingredients and reveled in the spacious kitchen, providing plenty of room to navigate.

A day like Sunday could never happen in Manhattan during the month of March…not even indoors in my lovely, but compact NYC kitchen.

This particular round goes to Southern California.

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  1. Beth Martin says:

    Oh stop! I was thrilled with walking in 40 degree weather. I cooked up a storm in my small NYC, using the floor for pot covers and cans!

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