Mani/Pedi Conundrum…

First world problem.

Why do I always procrastinate about going for a manicure/pedicure?

I always put it off and then when I finally go, I love it.

I think it’s the drying factor and sitting around listening to women cackle, speaking loudly on their cell in close quarters.

Yesterday, I broke down because my hands look like a scullery maid’s.

I love the fact that the place was empty.

I went only to have a manicure and ended up having a spa pedicure, as well.

I think I hate spending the money on myself along with my other bugaboos.

Anyway, when the ambiance is right, the experience is a thing of beauty.

Not much earth shattering substance to this conversation.

To be honest, I was also in need of a temporary, TV free zone so that I could escape from Agent Orange’s withdrawal from the Iran deal.

The U.S. is going to be totally isolated and although it’s great to be alone in a nail salon, it’s not a groovy place to be on the world stage.


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