Malibu Meanderings…

The weekend…hope you have a moment to try a recipe or digest the commentary. I welcome comments and feedback, so start talking!

I did my morning spin, ran the dogs, washed them at Moondoggies and am now ready for June Gloom to dissipate and start the weekend. Saturdays in Los Angeles are usually comprised of a ride up the coast to Malibu, top down (car, not me…I stopped that last year) and lunch outside at Taverna Tony’s.  It really does feel like you are in Greece. Their grilled baby octopus is divine and a food item I just can’t tackle at home. They have a Greek Taverna salad that if you close your eyes, you are immediately transported to Santorini…accompany these edible Grecian treasures with a lovely Greek rose. There is also a chance sighting of New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady and family, although a Gisele sighting can either stop you from eating or lead to bingeing.

Malibu is a beautiful, relaxing colony by the water. Everyone looks like they have just stepped out of a Ralph Lauren photo shoot so be prepared for perfection. The stores are compelling, though pricey. Check out the J. Crew store tucked away in the corner of the Lumber Yard shopping center next to La Habana, a Rande Gerber restaurant (Cindy Crawford’s husband), which has killer karaoke on Wednesday nights, complete with noteworthy clientele. Anyway, I digress. The J. Crew in Malibu is a specialty store so you can find limited edition items. The store is adorable…check out the James Perse store in the Lumber Yard…you will want to live there.

Enjoy the weekend! And Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s…strength and sanity to all the mothers and daughters. I am hoping that some tech savior will invent an app where you can type in a female emotion or statement and it translates into manspeak…it could save us all from a lot of heated discussions and misunderstandings!



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