Making Waves…

The Prince of Darkness practiced the Queen’s Wave at our expense on Sunday.

Even God rests on Sunday and allows her Twitter account to be silenced.

Why was it necessary for the Beast to climb into The Beast to leave the hospital while still shedding the virus and place other humans at risk, especially since they will never have the health care options Agent Orange has.

Just drag your obese body to any hospital window and wave to the Proud Boys instead of putting the Secret Service in harm’s way.

Humpty Trumpty has placed the entire country at risk.

If the Prince of Darkness wants to feed his head in front of his brainless sycophants then rent Cinderella’s carriage, borrow the pope’s bulletproof covering and have Donny, Jr. mount a steed and trot your infected body around the perimeter of Walter Reed Hospital without harming others.

You are beyond selfish.

And ignorant by tweeting out yesterday not to fear Covid-19 or let it dominate your life.

Maybe he doesn’t have Corona, but a brain aneurysm.

Last night the thug returned to the White House.

He climbed the stairs and stood on the balcony like an Orange mottled Evita, removing his mask as he readied to enter the People’s House and film a Proof of Life video declaring himself Superman.

Cringeworthy moment #2 in the last 2 days.

He learned nothing…pure ego led to his immediately disposing of his mask once he touched White House terra firma and continues to be a Super Spreader not a Super Human.

Not one hint of humility, respect or compassion for 211,000 dead from Coronavirus.

He is deranged, dangerous and probably hopped up on steroids.

Just go away and let us all Rest In Peace.

*photo: hysterical raisins

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  1. I agree with much of what you have said, but must take issue with your having characterized god as being female. Sorry, girl, but no female deity would ever fuck this up so badly. lol.

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