Making Beautiful Music…


Legacy Records spins out a solid gold hit.

The talented, dedicated team behind Charlie Bird and Pascuale Jones have created the perfect offspring.

Welcome to Legacy Records…a far out new restaurant…groovy, cool and geographically far out.

For now, Legacy Records is located in a vast wasteland.

In a few more years it will morph into one of the trendiest neighborhood in NYC.

Welcome to the Hudson Yards district which should open in 2019.

Companies such as HBO, CNN, L’Oreal and Coach will be headquartered there.

Hudson Yards is the future home of elegant high rises, Neiman Marcus and the Shops and Restaurants at Hudson Yards.

Hudson Yards will house the highest outdoor observation deck in the western hemisphere as well as a five-acre public park.

Legacy Records is situated off the lobby of an eclectic condo building trying hard to be mid-century cool, but instead ending up a bit muddled.
Legacy Records Bar
The restaurant itself is very attractive, dominated by a curved bar in front and a well laid out dining section in the back.
Legacy Records Dining Area

We arrived early because reservations are difficult to come by and if you cancel less than 48 hours in advance you are charged $75 per person…forget about it!

We were delighted to run into the lovely Alex, the impressive sommelier from Pasquale Jones now at Legacy Records. We chatted and imbibed Laherte Freres, an amazing champagne.


David ordered an outstanding Manhattan.

The bartender was very knowledgeable and all his food suggestions were right on.

Tuna Belly

We started with the Crudo Tasting, a selection of Crudos, including Tuna Belly (salted Japanese lemon, colatura).

Scallops and Razor Clam Crudo

In addition, a fabulous Diver Scallop (almond, lime, yogurt) and Razor Clam (tarragon, saffron). The fresh and flavorful portion is for one ($25).


Fluke crude (jalapeño, gooseberry, citrus) was part of the tasting.

Uni Crudo

We also selected the Uni (Sea Urchin) Crudo with dungeness crab and lime which was divine ($20).

The Bread program was outstanding. A warm sprouted seed bread served with cultured butter and rosemary lardo ($7).

Root Vegetable Salad

We married the bread with a fabulous Root Vegetable Salad of puffed grains, parsnip, radish and satsuma ($20).


The pasta course was incredible. They divided the dish in the kitchen. The Caramelle pasta was made with ricotta, beets, poppy seeds and sage ($22).

The wine list is impressive and I chose a glass of Piedrasassi Syrah 2016 ($19).

The very attractive restaurant was surprisingly packed with boring caucasians, poorly dressed.

The woman next to us with the pussy whipped husband ate all his food while simultaneously flicking her dyed black hair.

We almost lost it when she ordered gelato which was presented in a cone.

She displayed her only attribute which was performing fallatio on the cone…it was a trainwreck you just could not turn away from.

That woman could suck the chrome off a 1950 Cadillac.

The food is pricey, but delicious and the gratuity is factored into all the items.

Legacy Records does hit all the right notes.

Legacy Records 517 West 38th Street New York City. Open Tuesday-Saturday 5:30- 11pm. Reservations on RESY.

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