Maison Kintaro…NYC Restaurant Review

I recently discovered Maison Kintaro, a low key, charming New York City Japanese restaurant.

When we arrived at the intimate Chelsea restaurant I remembered it well having dined at the Spanish tapas bar, El Quinto Pino.

Last year the inviting Maison Kintaro moved in.

The tiny gem serves up ample portions of delicious, unique dishes at reasonable prices.

We started with a fragrant and rich Mushroom Soup with lovely fresh mushrooms floating on top ($7).

The next selection was a delectable Kintaro Tartare containing salmon, tuna, scallop, ikura, masago (smelt roe) adorned with a fresh, tasty Yuzu soy vinaigrette along with Nori dipping chips ($23).

The blistered Shishito Peppers were perfectly prepared accompanied by a spicy Yuzu dipping sauce ($8).

The Nori and Gohan was fabulous made with salmon and mixed with warm rice, mentaiko (roe), tamago, scallion, hijiki with sides of Nori wrappers, wasabi, pickles and ginger ($24).

The Karaage or very crispy Fried Chicken was fabulous and for $11 it was a large serving. The high quality white meat was sweet and tender. I took home the leftovers and after heating the chicken in the oven, it was as crispy and delicious the next day.

You can bring your own adult beverages and if you should forget there is a liquor store within a block of the Chelsea restaurant.

I need to return to try the the Onsen Tamago topped with crab, uni, ikura and truffle oil as well as the marinated oysters and Hokkaido scallops served over seasoned rice.

Maison Kintaro, named for owner Mai Robbamrung son’s favorite folktale character, the Japanese “Golden Boy”, Kintaro, is a real find…quality, creativity and fair pricing in an inviting environment.

Maison Kintaro 401 West 24th Street New York City. Open Tuesday-Saturday 12-3:30pm and 5-9:30pm. Sunday 12-8pm. Call (315) 230-4533 or walk in.

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