Maaavelous Miznon…

“Order up for The Bitches.”

We gleefully raised our hands.

The lovely woman behind the counter had asked for a name.

I inquired if I could make one up and she nodded, “Many do.”

I wanted to distinguish myself from the masses and my first thought was, “Order up for the Vaginas,” but I felt that might be too much information.

I asked my friend, Cathy, if my second choice, “The Bitches” resonated and she concurred.

Once the servers were able to stop laughing and placed our food on the table, we couldn’t wait to wrap our hands around those infamous pitas, created with a secret Israeli recipe.


Welcome to Chelsea Market newcomer, Miznon.

You can indulge in a fabulously fresh and delicious lunch for under $15.00.

Cathy and I took the 1 train to Chelsea, arriving by 11am to avoid the long lines.

Miznon recently opened their first U.S. restaurant.

In 2011, the first Miznon opened in Tel Aviv, subsequently expanding to Paris, Vienna, Melbourne and finally, the first U.S. Miznon.

Using fresh and seasonally inspired ingredients, Miznon has created a new kind of Mediterranean street food, completely identifying with each restaurant’s individual location.

For instance, the folded cheese burger has been created to replicate the NYC vibe.


The environment is straight to the point…industrial minimalism.

The staff is warm and friendly.

Order at the counter and then you play the name game.

We found seating right outside the shop and awaited our meal.

Folded Cheese Burger

The critically acclaimed Folded Cheese Burger in a Pita was delectable. The scrumptious pita is stuffed with perfectly cooked hamburger with a tasty pickle, tomato and a cream sauce ($11).

Baby Cauliflower

We had to order the specialty of the house, The Original World Famous Baby Cauliflower, which is first steamed and then placed under the broiler ($9).

The cauliflower is amazing, prepared just right. It is a full head so plenty to share.

There is a Reuben Pita, Lamb Kebab, Rib Eye Steak, Fish Pita, Egg and Veggie Pitas and of course, a Falafel Burger Pita.

Israeli celebrity chef Eyal Shani is known for his Whole roasted cauliflower, along with what’s called a “Run Over Potato,” a baked potato flattened with a meat pounder and served with sour cream and herbs.

Miznon is everything I am looking for…impressive, minimalistic, consistent, has good taste and value  and straight forward.

Try it.

 Miznon is such a deal.

Miznon Chelsea Market 435 West 15th Street NYC. Open Monday-Saturday 11am-9pm, Sunday 11am-5pm. No reservations.

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