Love You Just The Way You Are…

37 years today with the same guy.

42 in total…we are apparently doing something right.

Bonus time…we spent every waking second together during the pandemic which must add virtual years to the total.

We first set eyes on each other on a rooftop in Los Angeles.

I was sick after being on the road for weeks with Pat Benatar so I was trying to sun myself back to good health.

David was a newbie to the States. He was born in Boston, but grew up predominantly in South Africa. thus the divine accent and proper colonial breeding

We have had an amazing life together despite his lack of sports knowledge…he is improving slightly. I give it another 30 years and he should be up to speed.

It has been a huge delight to walk through life hand in hand with this charming, smart, kind, handsome, generous person.

Talking highlights…we sure made a remarkable kid together.

Lets pledge to keep the dynamic duo moving and a groovin’…thank you for keeping me balanced and sane.

As we perfectly performed our Arthur Murray much practiced routine to our wedding song, I shall take this opportunity to reiterate my thoughts on that splendiferous day 37 years ago…I Love You Just The Way You Are💜

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  1. Happy Happy Anniversary!
    With love, Ralph and Paula

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