Love The One You’re With…

Football hangover.

Now I have to deal with withdrawal pains because my next football hit isn’t until training camp in July and legit games in September.

This year’s big game started very slowly and all the action was at the end.

I have probably attended a dozen Super Bowl games.

Super Bowl tickets this year were priced between $7000-$44,000 so my Super Bowl days of being up close and personal may well be over.

I remember attending the first NY Giants Super Bowl appearance against the Denver Broncos in 1987 (Giants won SB XXl 39-20). I was given 50 yard line seats. I sat next to Whitney Houston.

We were outside the Rose Bowl waiting to go in and a man approached my husband and asked him where he was sitting. He showed him his ticket and the guy offered him $1500 which was a fortune in 1987. Now you can’t even buy the worst seat in the stadium for that price.

Back to reality…my husband left this morning on a jet plane.

Yesterday, he presented me with the most gorgeous bouquet of pre-Valentine’s Day flowers.

That’s love.

He gave them to me in the midst of binge watching One Day a wonderful, unembellished love story which took almost two decades to come to fruition.

As we dive into this Hallmark manufactured week of love I must admit to loving the hoopla.

I actually love the one I’m with.

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