Love Match at the US Open…


I am a true New Yorker, but I must say that in regard to hair conditions, Los Angeles outranks NY by a country mile. Frizz is not a commodity. Screw volume…a smooth do is the way to go. Today the humidity was 100% and I had to go into full hand to hand hair combat.

The battle to find the perfect products is ongoing. Hats and even the new fabric pony holders leave dents so when you go inside and do the slow mo hair toss/shake mine cascades into fender benders. Someone needs to develop Vitamin F to enrich and tame frizzy hair cuticles. Brazilian and Keratin have formaldehyde (component in building materials and classified as a carcinogen) so in 10 years, there is potential to develop scalp cancer. Flat irons are time consuming and damaging. One day I am going to wake up and my bangs will be flying solo on my pillow from too much ironing. Women whose hair looks good on the streets of NYC in August or are privy to alluring beach do’s have an unfair advantage and should probably experience alopecia during their lifetime!

curly top
Strolling Madison Avenue on a humid day in August

So…are you ready for commentary on something besides my hair condition? Tennis anyone?! I just returned from my training session for the U.S. Open. Starting August 26th, I will don my Ralph Lauren uniform and attempt to ace my responsibilities at the premiere tennis tournament. I will be working in a different arena to past years.

For a multitude of tourneys, I served as on-air booth manager for NBC, CBS and ESPN…translation I was the den mother to amazing tennis talent… John McEnroe, Mary Carillo, Tracy Austin, Jim Courier, Cliff Drysdale, Brad Gilbert, Mary Joe Fernandez and such distinguished broadcasters as Ted Robinson, Chris Fowler, Dick Enberg and Mike Tirico.

I had a front row seat to every match played in Arthur Ashe Stadium. The days and nights were pressure packed, busy, 15 hours long, but I loved it. ESPN put an end to the love match by going 21st century and turning the talent room behind the booth into a digital wasteland. All good things must end like a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and a perfectly executed thin crust pepperoni pizza.

Have a fantastic weekend wherever you are hangin’…I will be sleeping, encased in plastic tarps to prevent from drowning in my own bed…(I wonder if this will improve my skin and enhance circulation as the effect is similar to an oxygen deprivation tank!)

us open2

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