Love Is Love Is Love…

Despite the domestic terrorists who are demonstrating in cities while locked and loaded, a expanding group of people are quarantined peacefully armed with only love in their hearts.

Amid the pandemic, the scent of marriage is in the air.

Cities are seeing a big increase in virtual weddings.

It looks as if the hallowed legal halls are opening their doors again after a two-month suspension.

The stay-at-home order has fueled a desire for wedded bliss.

For example, from March 18th through May 7th, the Washington D.C. court’s received 1,225 petitions, a considerable increase over last year.

If love is blossoming in the nation’s capitol where partisanship and animosity permeates the atmosphere then love can really conquer all.

The actual ceremony is a quickie, normally lasting less than 10 minutes just like most grooms.

After the authorities have spoken and exchanging of rings has taken place, the couples seal it with a kiss, the judge congratulates them and it is over.

Civil ceremonies have no prayers, no songs, no traditional wedding rituals, no in-laws you dislike or unpleasant relatives, no huge flower expenses.

In this new normal Say Yes To Less.

Remember, love is a wonderful salve for an angry, sick America.

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