Love Is In The Air…

I keep spending so much money at Trader Joe’s.

In fairness, I am frequently preparing three meals a day.

The question is, am I substituting food shopping in lieu of the fact that I am on sabbatical from retail therapy consumption?!

At least the meals are delicious or that’s the word from my husband.

Speaking of food, you should all tune into the MSNBC special, What’s Eating America with Chef Andrew Zimmern, premiering this Sunday at 9pm ET.

In each of the five episodes, Andrew Zimmern travels the country to see first-hand the impact critical issues such as immigration, climate change, addiction, voting rights and healthcare have on food and the everyday lives of Americans.

And, it is not only Friday, it’s Valentine’s Day.

Hope you all have a LOVELY day.

My Valentine set up a 90 minute deep tissue massage and a romantic dinner at a new restaurant.

Love and Food…what could be better❤️💜

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