Love Your Curls…

Hair has always been a topic of discussion for me.

Yesterday, I watched a segment on the Today Show and discovered that curly hair is a major talking point…who knew.

Dove just launched the “Love Your Curls” campaign after conducting a survey of 859 women in the U.S., U.K. and Brazil in September 2014.

Only 10 percent of women respondents in the U.S. said they “feel proud” of their curly hair and only four in 10 American girls with curly hair reported thinking that their hair was beautiful. Many spend big bucks on smoothing and taming their manes.

I am constantly surrounded by hair tossing females with ‘like’ long ‘like’ straight hair. Their hands are always in their hair. It is their primary flirtation tool along with making goo goo eyes and exposed cleavage.

I can never run my fingers through my hair…my fingers get caught in my curls. Plus, my hair type should not be handled frequently. Just like a work of art, look but definitely do not touch!

I love that my husband frequently tells me that it is a turn on that I never “mess with my hair.” For him the hair flickers are unsightly, especially in restaurants.

The Dove survey also revealed that girls, as young as 5, are six times more likely to have an aversion to their hair if it’s curly. Six times is an interesting number, but hey, I’ll play along.

Additionally, they are nine times more likely to believe that if they had straighter hair they would be happier and have more friends. I have no confidence issues and if people don’t like my curls, screw ’em.

This campaign is the latest Dove video that aims to help women and girls feel more confident about their appearances while simultaneously promoting Dove as a brand.

Sleek and straight continue to personify ideal beauty, but impressions change frequently. Right now it is “All About That Bass” as in a big bootie.

My mom was constantly fretting about my hair and wanted me to straighten it. She took me to New York City to Jacqueline Kennedy’s stylist, Kenneth, because Mrs. Kennedy had her hair straightened at his salon.

Curl Free was in heavy rotation at my house…who can forget that huge pink comb.

Straightening my hair on the ironing board and saving soup cans to use as an anchor when I wrapped my hair at night was a frequent exercise.

Shirley Temple and her dolls
Shirley Temple and her dolls

As a small tike I was obsessed with the Shirley Temple doll. I wanted her so badly that my mother says I begged non-stop for six solid months.

One day my dream came true and the first thing I did was stick Shirley’s little head under the faucet and drench her curls and make them straight…brainwashing.

I definitely bought into straight is great. Now, I revel in my curls.

Are there really that many unhappy curly tops in the world?

I can’t imagine curly hair contributing to my long term unhappiness. I have too many other problems like menopause, renovations, losing sports teams and hatred in the world to really go postal over the state of my hair.

At this age I am thrilled that I still have a thick head of hair and that I am not suffering from pattern hair loss and rubbing Minoxidil on my dome daily.

My mission if I decide to accept it is go grab the survey takers by “the short and curlies” and let them know that curly is a great way to go through life.

Dove’s Love Your Curls video…take a peek.

 Original Curl Free TV Commercial…what a hoot.


  1. My sister had a large size Shirley Temple doll. She was born when Shirley Temple was a child star……..My Mothrr bought for her.

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