Love At First Sip…

The best part of waking up besides knowing you are not dead is that first cup of coffee.

Setting the scene…it is the wee hours of the morning when I wake around 3am, stretch and tip toe into the kitchen to brew my first cup.

After coming to the realization that my Nespresso machine was not going to meet my COVID coffee needs, I did a deep, costly dive into coffee brands.

Illy won hands down.

Now for the process…the effort is not seamless.

Filling the coffee pot with purified water from the refrigerator is imposing as standing still and straight for the 45 seconds it takes to fill the container takes effort when you are not fully coherent.

The next early morning skill challenge is being focused enough to keep track of the coffee measurements.

I await the brewing process.

In the interim, I methodically count out the daily vitamins and prepare to scoop the powdered collagen.

Enticingly, the evocative aroma wafts throughout the kitchen.

Finally, it is time for that first gratifying sip and the moment to settle down with a cup of Joe with Morning Joe.

In Coronaville it is all about unmasking the little, meaningful moments that perk up your day and get you through the Groundhog Days of our Lives.


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