Louvre, M&Ms & Slow Rolls…

Still on a Giant high, but I took time to offer up a few tasty tidbits.

For all the museum groupies the Louvre will start limiting daily visitor count to ensure people in the museum have a more enjoyable, jostle free experience while viewing the Mona Lisa and a plethora of other notable art.

More female insight…Mars, the candy conglomerate, said it’s flipping imagery on M&M packaging to make an all-female bag of candy.

We are special, sweet, demand to stand alone and an upside down M looks like a W.

This reminds me of one major rock star who I represented that would not perform if there were green M&Ms in evidence backstage…funny because she loved the green, cold hard cash. Yes, there were times that I had to dig deep and eliminate or frankly, eat all the green ones.

Eggs may be as expensive as diamonds, but there are still enjoyable reasons to head to the grocery store.

A Dutch supermarket has installed slow checkout lanes for the elderly and other people who might want to chat a bit more when they purchase their groceries.  Perhaps inspiration for a new dating service stayinyourlane.com or checkmeoutwhilechecking out.com.

Under federal law, companies are required to pay overtime to their workers unless they are exempt because their pay meets a certain threshold and if their job duties are managerial in nature. Since companies want to avoid paying overtime, one strategy is to assign non-managers job titles that imply managerial duties even if none exist.

One company calls its front-desk receptionist a Director of First Impressions. Among the other bogus titles the researchers found were Guest Experience Manager for restaurant hosts, Grooming Manager for barbers and Carpet Shampoo Manager (Trainee) for carpet cleaners.

Since mothers are non-salaried employees would we be labeled Life Managers or Manager of Every Conceivable Activity It Takes To  Sustain Life and Thrive.

And, before you begin today’s life cycle, the Utrecht library in the Netherlands has introduced cycling desks allowing patrons to exercise and charge their devices while reading and studying. This new concept must have been inspired by a woman as we are known for our ability to multi-task.

That’s all, folks!

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