Louboutin Love Affair…

christian-louboutin-red-sole1 30 years yesterday with the same man…now I can disclose the fact that I have a secret lover, Christian Louboutin.

We have been dating for a decade. It has not easy to keep my love affair secret because it is such an obvious indiscretion. When you go out with Christian, everyone notices.

Anniversary Louboutin's
Anniversary Louboutin’s

Last night, the man in my life (actually together 35 years) brought Christian to our celebratory dinner which was arranged and paid for by our greatest achievement, our amazing daughter, Courtny.

Amazing Daughter, Courtny
Amazing Daughter, Courtny

As you can see with your own eyes, Christian was out there and passerby’s turned red with envy…the red soles reflect the love in my heart for his design and shoemanship.

Being french, Christian has designs on more petite feet so we only hook up in the men’s department. After what my feet endured during my decades in rock and roll, I am just as happy to be planted firmly on the ground.

Rollerboy BlackVelvet Spike Louboutin SHoes
Rollerboy Black Velvet Spike Louboutin’s

My husband actually set me up with Christian. Sure, I had mentioned Christian in conversation, admitting to my desire to engage. David bought me my first pair…a black velvet duo with silver spikes….that’s when the addiction kicked in.

Our only conflict has been with airport security who have a hard time not wanting to confiscate my fashion weapons. I think they just covet the shoes…try and take these ruby treasures away from me. A swift kick in the gentalia will be TSA’s reward. christian-louboutin-shoes-for-men-in-25096 My second impropriety was a pair of black and white strip darlings. Then the addiction grew to a plaid misstep, shipped in from Texas as only a few tartans had graced the U.S. shore.

Rollerboy Tartan Spikes
Rollerboy Tartan Spikes

In May, I strolled through Barney’s shoe department and had a chance encounter with Christian. He was sitting by himself in a corner and there were sparks. I had to feel him close to me. The salesman intervened. He glided onto my body and it was pure magic. We went home together.

I rationalized by saying, “This is my only indiscretion this season.” We have been seen globe trotting in Los Angeles, Paris, Peru and New York, but David has also been by my side. sandal Like the proverbial Lay’s Potato Chips, betcha you can’t eat (wear) just one…Louboutin…it is an addiction that I definitely do not want to cure…my feet were meant for walking in these soulful, crimson soled creations.

Red or Dead…

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