Lost My Head…

My weekend was filled with S.X!

What a great ride.

It proved that you can still rock all night long in middle age.

Everyone, you must buy tickets to see, SIX on Broadway.

It is such a happy, electric, visually seductive good time…history has never been so entertaining.

The show takes you on a musical herstory from ‘Tudor Queens to Pop Princesses’, getting up close and personal with the SIX wives of Henry VIII.

It is a soundtrack of five hundred years of historical heartbreak morphed  into an effervescent 21st century girl power escapade.

It’s Monday morning and I’m still all tingling from being Divorced, Beheaded, Died, Survived.

SIX Brooks Atkinson Theatre 256 West 47th Street New York City.


  1. Tell me more about this! are there seats? is it set up like a club?

    • SIX is a pop/rock Hamilton. All singing with each of the six wives performing solos with dancing and an all-female band. It’s 70 minutes of fun and exhilaration.
      It’s in a Broadway theater and the sight lines are very good. I had 4th row center so it was great.
      Very upbeat and a history lesson to boot written by 2 quirky twenty-something British writers.
      Watch the video I attached to get a feel and Google the song, Divorced, Beheaded, Died, Survived. It is the opening number and a real show stopper.

  2. Anna Holbrook says:

    Hello Toby! I’ve been person non-grata! Doesn’t mean I don’t see your posts! Thanks for this report on SIX – I hope to go there in January. Your review confirms my hopes!
    Hope you are doing well, as well! I’ve been to see DANA H. Fascinating – I felt well worth the time. and moola. Then finally headed to COME FROM AWAY – half price at tkts. I went the same day, and maybe I was tired of sitting, but . . . I could be the only person who found it just so, so. Good, yes – great . . . ?
    Thinking of you wishing you well in all things,

    • So good to hear from you!
      Hope all is well in your world.
      SIX is a must…such a fun, exhilarating ride!
      I loved Is This A Room and Girl from the North Country.
      Morning Sun was very depressing, but acting was stellar, especially Marin Ireland and Edie Falco was very good. Seeing Lehman Trilogy on Saturday.
      I saw Come From Away the first week it opened and had no expectations and really enjoyed, but I do not think it wears well!
      Hope life in Connecticut is great. Keep me posted on your travails and please let me know your next Theatre adventure.
      Hope you parents are doing well. 💜

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