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An article about the best mascara popped up on one of the newsletters I peruse daily.

Mascara…I remember that beauty tool.

In 2020 it went the way of the landline phone.

I took a peek at the Top 10 list cultivated by a renowned make up artist.

Shocking…the top 3 cost over $35.

To be honest, I have purchased expensive mascaras, cheap drugstore wands and like a new friend they initially impress and than disappoint.

Plus, is now the time to splurge?

Where do I go…Trader Joe’s?

I am not allowed to get within 6 feet of anyone I can bat my eyelashes at…that seems a waste since my seduction would appear to go unnoticed further impeded by a scratched plexiglass barrier.

Does my husband care or notice?

Don’t all men crave the natural look and the same hairdo you wore in high school and college unless they are actually paying for seduction (don’t they ultimately pay anyway!?)

Such a fashion dilemma.

I think I’ll spend the $35 on Ultra Soft Charmin and Heavy Duty Bounty.

Those two items are very sexy and worth batting naked lashes at in 2021.

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