Long Live Democracy…

Not wanting to be Democracy Doubter Downers, major American corporations condemned the violence of January 6th, 2021 and affirmed the peaceful transition of power.

Many pledged to stop donations to the election deniers or to cancel political giving altogether.

Time to do your happy dance because, believe it or not, corporations have mostly kept their word regarding giving to the 137 Republican sheep who wandered away from democracy.

Contributions to those lawmakers fell by nearly two-thirds compared to the 2019 election cycle.

A few corporations have continued to support these elected thugs and none are a surprise…Boeing contributed $346,500, Koch Industries the worst power mongers around, donated $308,000 and American Crystal Sugar threw in a sweet spot amounting to $285,000…boycott sugar…it’s not good for you or the country.

Kudos and a large round of applause for Microsoft, Airbnb and Lyft to name a few who have said they will not contribute to the GOP doubters and bottom feeders for the midterm elections.

At least 10 Republicans who attended the Jan. 6 rally in Washington, D.C., that turned into a deadly insurrection were elected to office this past Election Day.

Three were elected to state legislatures and seven won positions at the local level.

Even more frightening, at least 57 are running for office in 2022…some have been charged for their actions on January 6th.

Only in America, folks.

Please consider donating to honest, democracy loving candidates. I just  compiled a list and gave.

Enjoy your weekend.



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