Lock Her Up…

I just want to bitch slap the First Daughter/Wife.

Ivanka talks out of both sides of her mouth.

Her platform is money and designer fashion.

Wednesday, she stood right in the middle of all the kids and athletes while her unathletic, obese father spewed hypocrisy about making America healthy.

Ivanka posed, head slightly tilted, the Rose Garden sunlight reflecting off her gold Gucci dress buttons,  gazing dreamily into the camera the entire time.

Later on, after leaving her high powered pretend job at the White House, she was chauffeured home to host Kim Kardashian at her lavish Washington abode.

First Family Princess…I just read in Politico that when Melania Trump wavered, due to security concerns, over the idea of the customary parade down Pennsylvania Avenue after the swearing-in ceremony, Ivanka dug in.

“It’s happening”, Ivanka told an organizer.

Her underlying reason…her desire to have a ‘Princess Moment.’

Which leads to her second request.

After humpty trumpty’s poorly attended inauguration, Ivanka’s Cinderella dream was to spend the first weekend sleeping with her gnome in the Lincoln Bedroom.

Permission granted.

Dreams really do come true.

These are Ivanka’s priorities.

She had declared herself a supporter of women’s causes yet there has been no mention of pushing back against daddy’s policy of separating children from their migrant parents at the Mexican border, no concrete evidence for backing maternity leave or banning automatic weapons from killing school children.

I am disgusted.

Lock Her Up.


*photo: Matthew Paul D’Agostino, DailyMail.com

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  1. Yes! She stands for nothing.

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