Lobster Rock ‘n Roll…Tri-State Restaurant Review

If it’s summer it is lobster time.

Traffic on the Merritt Parkway in Connecticut has forced me to search for a delectable local Lobster Roll.

I had often invested in the two hour drive to Noank, Connecticut to indulge my desire for the tantalizing Lobster Bomb at Ford’s Lobster (https://ifthedevilhadmenopause.com/lobster-to-die-for/).

In the past two years the drive has almost doubled.

I unearthed a real treasure at Jack’s lobster Shack in Edgewater, New Jersey, the first exit over the GW Bridge https://ifthedevilhadmenopause.com/jackd-up-over-lobsternyc-area-restaurant-review/).

I recently had to drive to Connecticut so I wanted to find a lobster roll closer to my childhood roots.

Victory, Rowayton Seafood has been uncovered.

The now adorable little hamlet serves up a wonderful seafood restaurant on the water located on the narrow roadway in Rowayton.

The outdoor area is shaded and offers seating for doggies.

We kicked things off with an uninspired Wedge Salad. What happened to homemade dressings…another dying art ($14).

Things improved tremendously and rapidly from there with sweet steamers.

The Lobsters Rolls arrived with an ample supply of delicious lobster meat, great fries and tasty cole slaw. The meat was tender and flavorful ($34).

We hung a bit, taking in the scenery and talked to some interesting locals who had all moved from the city to Rowayton.

On the premises is also a cozy indoor restaurant with an intimate bar.

I prefer the outdoor area, watching the boats coming and going.

We did not indulge, but there is allegedly a great ice cream place, called 101, steps from Rowayton Seafood.

For a lovely staycation drive or take the train to Rowayton (Darien) and spend a charming time having a meal and walking around.

Another hot weekend so we drove to Hastings-on- Hudson in search of lobster rolls.

I did my usual deep dive and came up with Bread & Brine.

The drive was quick and easy and the town is adorable just up the hill from the picturesque Hudson River.

We sat outside and dined on warm lobster rolls which had ample amounts of sweet and tender lobster meat.

The roll did not come with dipping butter. We asked for some and it was not clarified butter…not up to snuff ($34).

The Street Corn was very tasty ($7).

The Steamers were good, but the excessive amount of garlic ruined the great seafood.

In ranking the four lobster shacks I am still enamored with Ford’s in Noank, Connecticut due to quality and setting.

A very close convenient second is Jack’s in Edgewater, New Jersey just across the George Washington Bridge.

Third place is Rowayton in Connecticut and rounding out the group is Hastings-on-Hudson in Hudson, NY.

To be honest, the lobster rolls are all tasty and the surroundings are perfect for chowing down on lobster.

Ford’s Lobster 15 Riverview Avenue Noank, Connecticut. Open Monday and Thursday-Sunday. Opens at Noon.

Jack’s Lobster Shack 1040 River Road Edgewater, New Jersey Open daily from 12pm.

Rowayton Seafood Restaurant & Market 89 Rowayton Avenue Norwalk, Connecticut Open daily 11:30am-9pm.

Bread & Brine 19 Main Street Hastings-on-Hudson, New York. Open daily at 12pm except Tuesday.

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