It’s The Little Things…


Side stepping politics, fashion and sports for a day, let’s just take a moment to smell the roses and think about the little things in life that provide great joy.

Last night I slipped into clean sheets. If I had the time and a backyard I would wash my sheets every single day and hang them outside to dry. Nothing feels and smells better than fresh, clean sheets.

When I am in New York, I take my laundry “home” to my mom’s house in Connecticut. She still has the old fashioned clothesline and I leave the sheets on the line, blowing in the wind, drying in the sunshine all year round.

My mother’s neighbor, who is a psychopath, has a shit fit, but who cares. Why isn’t he at work? It is not as if I hang them at dinnertime or when he is having a party. To taunt him, I bought an enormous pair of granny panties and an industrial size red bra and leave them on the clothesline for days.

Back to the joyful little things such as well mannered people who make lovely pronouncements such as, “thank you” and “your welcome”. What a joy it is to encounter a nice person, have a lovely chat without entitlement and self-involvement issues.

Hand waves-1200

Have you ever felt generous and stopped and graciously allowed a driver to pull in front of you and you are rewarded with a wave instead of a finger…it’s the little things.

Dog owners, when you open that door and your doggie goes ballistic with happiness, practically knocking you down…that’s happiness and love rolled into one giant emotion.

Spin Class
Spin Class

The grind of exercising and then some days experiencing a fabulous spin class with great music and afterwards feeling rejuvenated, healthy, exhilarated and thin.

Cooking a delicious meal for your family, they eat every bite and express their gratitude with compliments and doing the clean up.

Going to the dentist for a bi-annual cleaning and not having any issues.

Fitting into clothing that you haven’t worn in a while.

Taking a flight and not having any turbulence or “angry birds” sitting close by.

Having people come up to you and tell you that they look forward to reading, If The Devil Had Menopause, every day!

Any finally, I just could not take a complete break from my sports addiction…a win by the NY Giants, Syracuse University basketball, NY Yankees without any angst, injuries or heart palpitations.





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