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I just had an epiphany.

I really dislike social media.


I’ll admit that initially it was enjoyable to reconnect with friends and acquaintances on Facebook.

After all, In life, many friendships are a matter of convenience.

That’s not snarky, but you find yourself hanging with coworkers, college friends, mommy and me acquaintance because you are thrown together, united in a common experience and then one day you’re not.

Social media makes it easy to reestablish friendships.

In olden times, the AT&T slogan was, “reach out and touch.”

That was 1987 and we have made huge technological advancements but the sentiment is the same.

Social media has just taken it to a new level.

Hey, I admit to being guilty of engaging social media to promote my blog.

If it wasn’t for If The Devil Had Menopause and reconnecting with a handful of fab friends I would probably vanish from social media.

The Kardashians created a monster by turning many of the platforms into yet another popularity contest.

Kylie Jenner’s baby name Instagram garnered 13.6 million likes this week, breaking a new Instagram record.

Not only do I abhor the inconsequential word “like” in conversation when many use as a filler and say the word “like every other like word when like speaking to like people,” but many live for the number of likes they receive on Facebook and Instagram and get giddy over being retweeted.


Love yourself and forget about all the fake validation.

Social media is so repetitive.

Right now I am drowning in this Facebook algorithm crap…stop!

Others post so many Instagram photos that you want to scream.

And, let’s not forget the every changing Facebook page photo.

Do I really need to see constantly rotating photos of you stretching with your cat, eating, taking yet another self-involved selfie…

On a serious note, social media is creating a national security dilemma, a dangerous platform for bullying along with being a public health concern.

There is also no accountability for the power that these social media companies hold.

Specifically, they are influencing how we think and process information and hackers are obviously using the medium to influence elections no matter how many Trumpsters deny the fact.

Social media is distorting reality and ruining one on one socialization.

Go old school…read a book, visit a museum, rediscover the world on your own outside the social media vacuum.

Expand your horizons, live a little…deflect the insular self-involvement.



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  1. yes to all said above…..

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