Life In The Fast Lane…

Workout Self-flagellation.

Another sleepless night…who cares, but it feeds into the story.

David had an 8 hour Zoom call yesterday…yes you heard it correctly and that was preceded by a 2 hour electric car seminar from Europe that he had to hook up with at 2am PDST.

He never complained…not my style! I would unleash a steady stream of expletives.

Anyway, we hiked at 7am so he could be showered and suitably dressed from the waist up by 9am.

I was starving after the hike and I was too lazy to make myself breakfast beyond the pot of coffee I brewed at 4am.

I grabbed a handful of Fritos and made that breakfast with a cup of hot water with Meyer lemon and my fountain of youth elixir, collagen.

Queen E. popped into my consciousness because she loved Fritos, but always hid them from me.

Hypocrisy which made me want them more so I would find them and sneak a handful.

Of course she knew and would chastise me.

Queen E. was the Nurse Ratched of maintaining zero body fat.

Anyway, I was tired, hangry and injured as I rolled down a hill while hiking and twisted my ankle.

So what do I do?

I hop on the Peloton and challenge myself to an intense 45 minute spin class with 3 arm intervals.

Workout self-flagellation is becoming a Coronaville hobby.

Maybe I should take up knitting.

Enjoy the weekend…the endowed, hair extension laden Southern California weather women are predicting sunshine and temps in the 80s.😎

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