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Photo/Huffington Post

God, I love a man in a hat.

I do a great deal of walking in New York City and Santa Monica, California. It is mandatory for me to take in all the sights and sounds. People wear hats frequently. You can tell a lot about a person from their head gear.

Most represent sports alliances or travel destinations. Some cover bald spots. Others protect from the sun. Some camouflage a bad hair day. Others are fashion statements or represent a nod to other worldly connections.

During my passeggiare (“take a walk” in Italian), I love that term…adds panache to my walks, I contemplate many things…blog posts, world peace, the environment, how to rid the world of entitlementors, gel or regular manicure.

Seeing so many hats leads to me a new dating concept. Namely, Rather than the silly thumbnail sketch of who you are and what you are about on dating sites, my site would have you post a photo, wearing a cap/hat that truly represents who you are or what you are about…style, flair are duly noted. No dumb slogans or alcohol labels unless you want to admit to a drinking problem.

Johnny Depp.

Sports teams are welcome. If I were in the market, I would definitely give a second look to a good looking guy in a NY Giants cap (I am shallow, looks matter!) I love a well dressed man in a fedora. Stocking caps are fine in winter, but not in summer. Don’t these guys suffer from stinkhead? You get my drift.

Only Men Like Colin Farrell Should Wear Knit Caps
Only Men Like Colin Farrell Should Wear Knit Caps In Summer

Just another riff on dating which from what I hear is a bitch. It’s a shallow dating pool out there…so many fabulous women and so few good men. I see a lot of very attractive women with not so hot men…perhaps the guys are rich or well endowed, but it is not a level playing field.

I have a vested interest because my daughter and her posse are all attractive, smart, successful twenty-something fabulous women. Unless they are with their college sweetheart, no one seems able to meet even a potential Mr. Right…it’s not about tying the knot, but corralling a mutually beneficial relationship.

Please send a photo of a great guy to…all posts accepted and perused, no expiration date. Hats off to attractive, interesting entries.



  1. I loved it!
    Is there really a

  2. Men can pull of hats, it depends. I don’t really care for girls wearing hats.

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