Let’s Get Physical…

Can you be over exercised or am I just getting old!

Be kind.

It is a given that we age daily, but my dilemma is I thought working out was good for you.

Right now, my emotional state greatly benefits from all the walking and spinning, but I stumble into the bathroom in the morning…my feet don’t work, my back aches and my quads are on fire.

My migraines are recurring at 4pm and I am beginning to think it is due to the weight training again sacrificing my body to prevent grandma arms.

My quads are screaming at Emma and Cody…addiction to Peloton is killing me.

I adore the long early morning walks with my husband and doggie through Central Park, but my go to as soon as I arrive home is an ample shot of Aleve.

Literally, at night I get into bed and my inner voice is screaming, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

And then being the obsessive dolt, I start all over again.



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  1. the answer is moderation…..do not stop ,but maybe do a bit less.not everything at once…the same day….do keep moving. take it from one who knows!!!!!( hard for me to get down and back gracefully to and from the floor..do not tell anyone!!!!!!!

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