Late Night Escapades…

I received a booty call from Chase Visa.

A text dinged at 1:35am.

I immediately called the number texted and a sultry voice from the Philippines informed me that late night charges had been made to my account.

Is there anything sexier to wake up to in the middle of the night then that a boatload of fraudulent charges?!

Now, I am wide awake so I find myself investigating late night TV.

Who knew that there was a new item to make my kitchen forays easier.

For $19.95 I could have Crank Chop in my life.

In my youth, Crank Chop would not be a kitchen item.

I also did not know that my bud from the old MTV days was still on late, late night TV.

I thought Carson Daly was now a boring fixture on the Today Show and The Voice.

Is there a time slot he does not appear in?

Silly me, I thought he had peeked on MTV’s, Total Request Live.

Sleep is alluding me…darn, I need strength to face the  day without a credit card.

The wake up call did provide some quality time with Madison who, I am beyond happy to report, received a clean bill of health after extensive x-rays and an ultrasound.

Who knew that I would be so relieved to be told that she only needs a digit amputation.

Life is filled with Crank Chop moments…grind on, peeps.

And, a shout out to all the fabulously loyal and thoughtful devil worshippers who sent loving support to Ms. Madison Avenue.



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