Kudos For Kato…


A new  restaurant recently took up residence in a nondescript strip mall in West Los Angeles.

There is no obvious signage, but it is worth the search.

The diamond in the rough is Kato, a tiny 27-seater tucked away in a corner at the intersection of Santa Monica Boulevard and Brockton Avenue.

Kato is written in pink on the door…you have to know where you are going or it could be challenging.

The restaurant defines minimalism, but the personality is big and friendly.

They offer a 5 course, $55 fixed price menu.

There are a few a la carte options and you can order off the limited menu during the week.

One of the options is a fabulous homemade bread with creamy butter ($3). The crust was crispy, the bread warm and flavorful. A side of ricotta is also an option.

The friend chicken sandwich is a huge hit and looks amazing ($12).


The meal commenced with a cold-smoked Hamachi with scallions in an inky, savory sauce with demi-cured Japanese cucumbers.


Second course was a delectable soup with tamarind, octopus and chili…just a pinch of heat.


The crab over rice with coconut milk, sorrel and fresh peas was creamy and delicious.

Ikura Rice Bowl

The 4th course was duck, but neither of us indulge. Instead, chef substituted the Ikura rice bowl with uni that was fabulous. You can also order this a la carte ($12).

Buttermilk Pudding

Dessert was a light and creamy buttermilk pudding with rose ice.

A Pork Belly Rice Bowl was also on the menu ($8).

Presently, there is still no liquor license. Jasmine tea ($1), sparking water ($5) Strawberry soda ($2) and Lemonade ($2) are offered.

Kato is helmed by Chef-owner Jonathan Yao.

The restaurant is named for Yao’s favorite character in the comic strip Green Hornet.

Kato is a spartan, but welcoming new restaurant with cutting edge fare that redefines California, Asian and Taiwanese cuisine.


Kato 1925 Santa Monica Boulevard Los Angeles, California. Open Tuesday-Saturday 5:30-10pm.. Reservations are essential and are available at OpenTable.com.

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