On My Knees…


Settling in nicely to renovation hell.

We were hoping to start the New Year by dumping the old crap, I mean contractor and bringing in the new crew, but surprise, surprise, more delays.

The contractor had a death in the family so there is a work stoppage. Later this week, Mr. Sweaty Pants has to have oral surgery. I could have done it on site with all the tools laying around my home.

Master Bathroom Shower
Master Bathroom Shower

We were hoping to shower in our bathroom this week, but HE just realized that the expensive glass door that we were hoping to salvage does not fit the new shower.

Yahoo…another $1000 on an item I cannot wear. Not to be outdone, I took a petulant stand and attempted to shower without a door. My bathroom ended up looking like my bedroom in New York after crazy lady had ignited one of her 7 deadly floods.

I spent the next hour mopping. If I have to be on my knees, let me get paid for it.

Master Bathroom Vanity
Master Bathroom Vanity

Some very exciting news in my dark, dusty little world of renovation. This could end up being a momentous day after all. The custom cabinet maker who built all the bathroom vanities, is gracing our humble abode.

You see, we had the vanities installed before fleeing to Florida, but they arrived handleless. Sunday, David and I dashed to Ikea in Burbank at 9 am to select handles.

Believe or not, after hitting up a dozen stores such as Gracious Home in NYC. Antropologie in Santa Monica, the home store in Paris and ABC Carpet in Boca Raton and spending way too many hours online looking for exciting modern handles, Ikea had the best selection at a realistic price point. Can you believe handles range $20-80 each?!

Hopefully, the handles are easy to install as everything from Ikea seems overly complicated to assemble or activate…fluent in Swedish appears to be a necessity.

Powder Room Vanity
Powder Room Vanity

Imagine being able to store bathroom supplies or place make up in a drawer. How revolutionary.

Now I just need a mirror, a shower door, a toilet paper holder, electrical wiring, pass inspection and I will be ready for action…my guess, 2 more long and frustrating weeks until I can sit on my throne and revel in the beauty of my new master bathroom.

Frustration is rampant. In Florida I swim laps to eleviate the pain. In New York City, I pound the pavement and get seduced by Central Park daily. In LA, it’s long walks with Madison on the beach (how romantic) and if there is any down time, a quiet corner with a good book or a Chopin on the rocks taking in the awesome view at Nobu Malibu.

Nobu Malibu At Sunset
Nobu Malibu At Sunset

I wish you all peace, tranquility and a dust free environment. Namaste or whatever the hell they are spouting in 2015…just be happy.

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