Just Wanna Have Fun…

Biding your time in LA isn’t easy especially if you aren’t in workout clothes.

We fled the Palisades early for David’s weekly hand to hand combat class.

What to do, what to do?

I am on a shopping hiatus and I had over spun and had plenty of Pilates during the week.

My alternative reality led to me park myself at a local Starbucks, plug in my computer like the droves I have witnessed for years and work for 2 hours.

How pedestrian yet productive.

I picked up my husband and we had a quick lunch at the best sushi bar anywhere, Hide.

Girding our loins, we took on the 405 freeway to the 101 South and checked out the Hollywood Bowl schedule.

I had not ventured to the Bowl in decades and it all appeared so far and unfamiliar.

We purchased tickets and literally wound our way through the narrow byways of the Hollywood Hills.

We landed on Hollywood Blvd which is still crass and packed with hordes of tourists in cut offs and fake Vuittons.

I dropped David off for a haircut with his favorite stylist, Carla, at Salon Benjamin in the trendy Melrose/Robertson corridor and had a fun time perusing Maxfield Los Angeles and Christian Louboutin.

Very tempting, but no sale.

I got down with a salesmen at the exclusive Maxfield where I used to take my rock star clients shopping for on the road style inspiration.

Every current trending item was on view in the store.

The new elaborately decorated Gucci bags were prominently displayed.

I commented on Gucci’s huge popularity and he noted that his personal clients were giddy over the new bags…excited to add  to their collection.

 “After all, for a few thousand dollars they can add ‘fun’ pieces to their wardrobe rather than spending the usual $12,000 to $225,000 on Hermes Birkin bags!!”

Such ‘Fun’ and clearly not my reality.

I hung at Salon Benjamin for a bit…we still had 3 hours to kill before dinner.

Heading home was counter productive what with beach traffic.

No great exhibit at LACMA and the movie schedules didn’t match our needs.

We headed to Bev Hills and looked through the high end bookstore, Taschen.

I have never seen so many highfalutin sex books in my life.

Beverly Hills

Rodeo Drive was mobbed and acting quite BOLD (Beverly Hills Open Later Days).

The Gucci store was so crowded that it look like Christmas shopping had commenced.

The 90210 district was all a twitter.

BH Sidewalk

The mayor of Bev Hills has instituted late night Thursday, Friday and Saturday during the month of August.

Beverly Hills Photo Booth

Stores are open late, there are photo booths to pose in, a street DJ, speakers blasting Adele placed in the median, cafe tables and chairs were sprinkled along the toney sidewalk.

Rodeo Drive

The traffic was bumper to bumper.

Options other then exercising and hanging at the beach do exist in LaLaLand.

You need to work for it.

Saturday turned out to be a different, but like a totally fun diversion.


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