Just The Way You Are…


 Today is my wedding anniversary…same man, no affairs, rock solid.

I love and adore David almost all of the time. I don’t even hold grudges that long anymore.


Courtny, the fruit of our loins, bestowed upon us a very thoughtful and entertaining anniversary gift.

We enjoyed a phenomenal Billy Joel concert at Madison Square Garden Saturday night.

The impetus was our wedding song, Billy Joel’s, Just The Way You Are.

Don’t go changing to try and please me…fabulous sentiment but not completely realistic, but hell, we were young and in love.

There have been some minor tweaks and changes…we both insisted.

Billy Joel @ MSG, June 21, 2015
Billy Joel @ MSG, June 21, 2015

Billy Joel is an amazing talent. His voice is still strong and melodic unlike many of his peers.

Billy Joel COncert
Billy Joel Concert

Having attended 100’s of concerts, I can attest that the Billy Joel show went all out with the production elements. The piano continually rotated so Joel was in your face most of the time.

He turned the Garden into an intimate setting with his self-deprecating humor and entertaining banter.

Joel played for almost 2 and one half hours and performed just about every hit he has ever recorded including, Uptown Girl, Piano Man, We Didn’t Start The Fire, Still Rock ‘n Roll, Always A Woman To Me, Scenes From An Italian Restaurant, Allentown, Keepin’ The Faith, Stranger, New York State of Mind, even the Monkees, I’m A Believer.

He omitted our song, but I think Billy just wanted to keep it between us.

Billy Joel, Richie Sambora
Billy Joel, Richie Sambora

Richie Sambora strolled onstage towards the end of the concert and accompanied Joel and his kick-ass 8 piece band.

David, after 31 years we are still making beautiful music together.

You are everything I can superficially ask for in a man…handsome, fit, great accent plus all the intangibles that make you just about the nicest, smartest, incredibly talented husband in the world.

It is such a turn on that you can actually do home repairs, fix cars and have my back against any and all the assholes and entitlementors that invade our world.

You are the only man for me unless I am able to marry all 53 team members of the New York Football Giants.

I Love You Just The Way You Are…

BTW, I would love you just a little bit more if you cut out the snoring 🙂


An annual anniversary tradition…listen to Billy Joel’s, Just The Way You Are…I dare you not to fall in love.


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  2. Happy Anniversary Toby and David!

    Toby and David
    I met all of you …. Around 1995 or 6??!!
    I love reading your post …

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